2015 Rugby Boot Camp

In late February the Brisbane Hustlers made their annual trip down to rural NSW for the 2015 Boot Camp. For the third consecutive year Tyalgum Ridge Retreat played host the Hustlers. Thanks to Karen and the team for the amazing food and hospitality!


Despite cyclone Marcia’s attempt to rain us out, the team attacked the weekend with renewed focus and intensity. With some perfect, muddy rugby conditions the boys flew into the first day with some tackling training, and contested drills across the late morning. After a tough morning the boys hit the pool for some R&R before heading back to the fields for some more technical work around scrummaging, lineouts and backline plays.




After a big first day the team settled in for a night of festivities including the Reds game, a series of small team challenges involving some rugby trivia, a game of flip cup, and there was even a dance number or two (thankfully all video evidence was thoroughly destroyed!).

The boys were back on deck bright and early the next day, eager to take to the fields. Sunday was all about defence and a hotly contested game of 10 v 10 in the late morning. Chris, one of the returning Hustlers commented that:

“After three years we have really found a boot camp recipe that clicks. This year’s Boot Camp followed a logical flow that provided value to experienced and new players alike. The intensity was higher as a result and progression was faster. With a great mix of returning players and 1st time attendees the weekend flowed easy off the pitch as well”


Chris’s thoughts are echoed amongst the new 2015 recruits. Alan, a new 2015 Hustler commented:

RnR _bootcampComing into the Brisbane Hustlers in 2015, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the team but walked in with an open-minded attitude.  The boot camp really gave me an understanding of what kind of club the Brisbane Hustlers is and wants to be in the future – and truly, it’s blown me away. The club is founded on mutual respect on and off the field, support of each player and member and their diverse backgrounds and a strong, unwavering commitment to not just your team mates, but every member of the club.Players_bootcamp


Being a part of the Brisbane Hustlers boot camp was an epic experience and something I have never done before – but certainly want to be a part of again.  The atmosphere, the support of all the new members and drive amongst everyone to push and challenges ourselves to be better was something I won’t soon forget.”


Checkout more photos from the 2015 Boot Camp here.


The Brisbane Hustlers Boot Camp is an annual event held for all players prior to start of the playing season. If you’re interested in joining the Hustlers, send the team a private message via their Facebook page.